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"Hi, my name is Farid, a digital marketer. I have been working for more than 3 years in the Data drive industry. I am a Google ads, google analytics, and Google tag manager expert.

 I will set up ga4 e-commerce tracking, Google Analytics 4, a conversion tracking via GTM

Hey, Are you looking for a complete tracking and data analytics service? Then you have come to the right place. I will set up ga4 e-commerce tracking, Google Analytics 4, and conversion tracking via GTM. I already worked with 100+ e-commerce brands worldwide.

 I'm a Google Certified Google Analytics (GA4) Google Ads and Google Tag Manager Expert. I have been working for more than 3+ years in the (Data-driven marketing) industry. 

Google Analytics (GA4) is a new property designed for the future of measurement. It collects both website and app data to understand the customer journey better. Uses events instead of session-based data. Includes privacy controls such as cookies measurement and behavioral and conversion modeling.


My Service Include:

  • Install GA4 and GTM 
  • Enable Google Signal for personalized ads in GA4
  • Block Internal traffic for better reporting 
  • Setup Conversion tracking
  • Setup Google Ads Remarketing Tag 
  • GA4 ecommerce tracking
  • Setup remarketing audience for Google Ads in GA4 
  • Setup E-commerce tracking using the data layer 
  • Setup Page views, Scrolls, Outbound clicks, Site search, Video engagement, and file download tracking 
  • Setup from tracking
  • Button click tracking
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Enhanced ecommerce tracking


1. WordPress WooCommerce 

2. Shopify 

Note: Please contact me before placing an order & get 100% Quality

We can discuss further more about your tracking goals. Just contact me.

Sheikh Farid
Sheikh Farid
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